Do you want to have access to your bookmarks from any computer?

Do you use multiple browsers or multiple computers and do you want to maintain one place for your favorites?

Do you want to have your personal bookmarks on a website, where you can define your own colors, fonts and background?

Bookmarks Online  Click here and sign up!
The features in detail:
  • access your bookmarks from anywhere
  • add new links instantly with QuickLink!
  • easy to manage tree view categories
  • specify the colors of the linklist individually
  • choose the layout of the linklist (sorting/grouping of the links)
  • public or private links
  • count the clicks on each link
  • statistics of the stored favorites
  • import/export of Bookmarks
  • note management
  • supports RSS
  • and all that for free...
from 04-01-2007, 18:23:14:
Magadoo has relaunched last night with some minor changes in the layout and some bigger extensions in usability and link management. Please read the FAQ section to get updated to the new functions. If you have problems with the ajax functionality, please leave me a message with the description of the problem and your browser configuration. Thank you!
from 04-18-2005, 10:31:41:
Since you can add and display RSS Feeds within your bookmark manager, magadoo became more versatile. And from now on, all RSS Feeds can be displayed on your personal linklist too. Please note that your browser have to support Javascript and Iframes to use this feature.
from 02-26-2005, 15:59:51:
New feature: Determine the amount of categories per row on your linklist. Available options: From 1 up to 10 categories.